WS #24: Ikea Restaurant & Cafe (Again!)

| August 31, 2008

Last Saturday, after coming from a children’s party, Hubby, Abby and I headed to Ikea to check out their Labor Day Sale.  We decided to have lunch there, too.  This time, except for Abby, Hubby and I both ordered something we haven’t ordered before. Hubby went for the day’s special promo meal of 1/2 Baby […]

E-Bill Me

| August 31, 2008

On-line shopping is something that’s just only beginning to appeal to me.  I’ve always thought it rubs one of a total sensorial shopping experience.  Plus, I can’t help but doubt the safety of on-line credit card transactions.  But now that E-Bill Me is here, I might just turn to online shopping a little more than […]

La.Pi.S. #12: Creamy

| August 31, 2008

Who screams for ice scream?  We do!  Nothing screams creamy more than ice cream, and it’s, uhm, “derivatives”.  Hee hee.  But that’s just my personal opinion.  ;)  I’ve posted photos from our various ice scream expeditions a couple of times already and for this week’s Lasang Pinoy Sunday’s, I chose to repost some of them. […]

PH #22: Beautiful

| August 30, 2008

7th birthdays for girls are a big deal in the Philippines.  I don’t know why and how that came to be.  I, for one, didn’t have a lavish 7th birthday party.  I don’t even recall having a party at all!  But of late, a grandiose 7th birthday party is becoming more and more popular. My […]

Morey’s Piers

| August 29, 2008

We’re on a mission.  In addition to the Disneyland-type of theme parks, we want to visit as many water theme parks as possible.  As many as our budget will allow.  You can’t really blame us.  We live in Texas and here, it feels like it’s summer for the most part of the year. We’ve so […]