I Heart Shrimps

Shrimp is on the top of our favorite seafood list.  I cook it in a very simply way, something I’ve learned from my grandmother and my Mom.  I place the shrimps in a big wok, season them with salt and then drown them in Sprite or Seven-Up.  I set the fire on high and wait for the shrimps to turn orange, afterwhich I take them out of their Sprite bath right away.  Otherwise, they will overcook and peeling them will become such a chore.  Hee hee. :D

Shrimp cooked in Sprite/Seven-Up

When I’m not feeling overly lazy, I make Camaron Rebosado with the shrimps, that is, dip them in batter and then deep fry.  This is also a family favorite.

Camaron Rebosado

I know, these are all too simple.  If you have any suggestions, I’m very willing to give them a try.  I’d very much love to be at The Great American Seafood Cook off, not as a “participant”, but as a spectator.  It’s going to be held at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center within the Louisiana Foodservice EXPO and the Gulf Coast Seafood Pavilion from August 2-3.  I’m sure I’ll be able to pick up a lot of new ways of cooking my favorite seafood.  I might as well be able to take advantage of whatever seafood is available here in Austin and turn them into a gastronomic delight.  I think that’s what they call “positiveness of domestic seafood sustainability.”  :)

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3 Responses to “I Heart Shrimps”

  1. Gracie says:

    ah, shrimps…my ultimate favorite seafood! yum yum!!
    uy, i have something for you: http://crazygraciegirl.blogspot.com/2008/08/perfect-blend-of-friendship.html
    happy weekend!

    p.s. i feel like cooking shrimps tonight.


  2. vanne says:

    ako weng, i cook them in butter w/ garlic and brown sugar and a little cornstrarch to thicken the sauce. pero what you just did w/ sprite, that’s how i do it w/ crab legs…yummm!!


  3. Elmira says:

    My mouth waters looking at the Camaron. How do you do it without it absorbing much oil?


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