La.Pi.S. #7: Birthday

There are three things that I would consider as birthday staples, among Filipinos at least…pancit (noodles), ice cream and cake.  One of these three, if not all three, will always make it to a birthday feast, no matter how intimate. 

This is Abby’s 1st birthday cake…

Cake by Dexter’s Bakeshop

This is MY 30th birthday cake, prepared for me by the then Westin Philippine Plaza…

Chocolate cake squares, a Bailey’s dessert and a glass of champagne.  How can I complain?!

And these are Hubby’s birthday treats last year prepared by Tokyo Steakhouse…

Ice cream and mini cakes

I just love birthdays!  :D

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5 Responses to “La.Pi.S. #7: Birthday”

  1. luna miranda says:

    love the colors of your kid’s bithday cake! and the 2 other photos…hmmmnnn i’d like to forget my diet and dig in!:D


  2. ces says:

    everything is just perfect! can’t choose:)can i take all of them?


  3. JMom says:

    I love birthday cakes too. It’s not a birthday without a cake in our family. Even if there isn’t a big celebration like you said, gotta have a piece of cake :)


  4. Sheng says:

    All looks perfect. Well presented and that makes a happy birthday. :)


  5. Zriz says:

    wow! that’s a LOT of sweets! looks absolutely yummy!

    mine’s up here


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