It’s Not Hot to be Hot

It’s been a year already since I’ve become a bonafide Texas driver. There are two “must-haves” which both a driver and passenger need to survive when traveling on the road. I would give the number two spot to a good pair of sunglasses and top spot would of course go to air-conditioning. I can’t imagine driving without either of these two.

If by any chance your AC conked out on you in the middle of summer, I so feel for you, specially if the problem is the air conditioning compressor. I could just imagine how much grief this must be causing you. Now might be a good time to check out They have a great selection of new and re-manufactured Air Conditioning Parts: AC Compressor, A/C Condensers, A/C Evaporators, Driers or Expansion Devices. Whatever car you’re driving, whether BMW or Mercedes, Honda or Toyota, and so on and so forth, they have your AC part on stock.

So do something about your car’s AC. A car without an AC virtually makes it an oven with 4-wheels. It’s definitely not hot to be hot.  Eeeek.

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