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My family makes no secret that we are crazy about the Nintendo Wii.  Since we had it in November last year, we’ve slowly built up our Wii inventory.  So far, we have the Guitar Hero, Wii Fit and just last week, we got the Mario Kart.  I don’t know what we’ll buy next.  Maybe we’ll concentrate on games this time and I have just one particular game in mind that I want to get my hands on, Order Up!

We already have one cooking game, Cooking Mama.  But I find that it’s not really  much of a challenge.  And I’m more than ready for a more challenging game and Order Up might just do the trick for me.  I’m already loving the premise of this game.  Players rise through the ranks of the culinary world, from fastfood to word class restaurant chef/owner.  Not only that, they will also face discriminating food critics and demanding patrons.

Cooking is the heart and soul of the game.  Players whip up dishes in a hectic restaurant kitchen, managing their cooktop stations (grill/griddle, range, cutting board and the pass) while also managing assistant chefs in the kitchen and their tasks.  With the use of the Wiimot, players simulate real cooking, with real kitchen tools like knives, wooden spoons, tongs, ladles, and more.  I can already tell this will be a lot of fun.

Curious?  Here’s the Order Up! Trailer.  What do you think?  ;)

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  1. abby says:

    di ko rin masyado nagustuhan ang Cooking Mama. Feeling ko, I’m “Better than Mama!” ngek! :D


  2. Meeya says:

    psst may mariokart ka pala, bakit hindi tayo naglalaro??? :D


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