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In just a few days, students will be going back to school.  Some have actually already started classes already!  But here in Texas, classes will start some time after this coming weekend.  A lot of stores have already come up with back-to-school sales and some very good deals.  The laptop packages I have seen thus far are very hard to resist. :)  With everyone trying their best to stretch the dollar, I don’t blame them for doing everything they can to make the most out of discounts

My laptop just conked out on me a few days ago.  While getting a replacement is not really a priority, I can’t stop myself from window shopping.  HP fans will be happy to know that there are HP online coupons, which will save you upto hundreds of dollars depending on what HP product you’re buying.  Be it a printer, laptop, desktop or multi-ink packs you’re planning to buy, savings are waiting for you!

If you’ve already done your laptop/computer shopping, I’d still recommend that you visit Savings.com so you can check-out some of the very best deals your favorite store has.  Some of their popular merchants include Old Navy, Target, Amazon, Home Depot, T-Mobile, Best Buy and Dell.  The list just goes on and on.

You have just enough time to complete your wardrobe, furnish your dorm and cross out just about everything on your back-to-school “to buy” list.  Oh I almost forgot, it’s tax-free weekend here in Texas from August 15th-17th.  That’s another reason to shop!  Woohoo!  Happy shopping! ;)

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