Stem Cell Awareness

Abby, my one and only princess of a daughter, turned 4 last Sunday, the 17th.  She was born in the Philippines.  I’m surprised to find out that here in the US, the month of August produces the most births. That’s why it is during this month, Campaign for cord-blood banking is more, if not most, agressive.  That’s one thing I regret not having been able to do…preserve Abby’s umbilical cord in a cord blood bank.  Four years ago, people in the Philippines were only starting to be aware of cord-blood banking and there was really no cord-blood bank in the Philippines yet.  But that’s not the case here in the US.

The importance of umbilical cord blood banking can not be denied.  Cord blood contains vital stems cells that can be harvested and preserved. These stem cells can be used to treat 70 diseases, including leukemia, anemia, lymphoma, diabetes and cerebral palsy.  And new discoveries in stem cell research continue to emerge.

If you are expectant parents, Cryo-Cell International is dedicated to educating you about the benefits of preserving your newborn’s cord blood stem cells so you can make informed decisions for your family. Cryo-Cell offers innovative, safe and affordable solutions for cord blood banking. The company is committed to serving the needs of parents, with highly trained child birth educators available for consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cryo-Cell has successfully stored more than 155,000 cord blood samples.  Whether you are curious about, interested or already decided on cord-blood banking, take the time to check out their Current Offers.

Storing your baby’s umbilical cord blood is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  It is worth giving some serious thought.

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