Web Hosting 101

One of the best decisions I ever made as a blogger is to self-host my sites.  Self-hosting has its pros and cons but I can firmly say now, after 6 months of independence from free hosting, that the pros far outweigh the cons.  If you’re thinking of breaking away from free hosting, I’m encouraging you to take the plunge.  I understand the fears you might, specially if, like me, you are clueless about the ins and outs of self hosting.

To help you decide, you can start by checking out a web hosting review site, like WHR,  which rates web hosts.   They also have a long list of articles, which include tips, like say, tips for choosing a domain, which will prove to be helpful when you dive into the self-hosting pool.

It can be done, I tell you.  It will be one of the better decisions you will make, as far as life on the WWW is concerned. :)

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