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Texas schools are set to welcome back students on the 26th of August. I know schools in other states will be starting a little later, while some have probably started already. In the last few weeks, “Back-to-School” deals have invaded stores and that includes on-line ones. I have to say that there are a lot of good deals out there, good enough to entice one to buy something that wasn’t originally on the back-to-school to buy list.

One of the more tempting deals I’ve seen thus far is the Charter Laptop-a-Day Giveaway, where one gets a chance to win one of 30 HP Compaq Presario C770US Laptops when any Charter Communications service is ordered online.  Each laptop is valued at over $600!  Not only that, a Shell gas card valued at $100 will also be sent to anyone who orders on-line.

High speed internet has become a must and Charter has very competitive, if not the best, prices: Charter High-Speed Internet at $19.99/mo for 6 months, Charter Digital Home and High-Speed Internet at $69.98/mo for 6 months or Charter Digital Home, High-Speed Internet, and Charter Telephone at $99.97/mo. for 12 months.  How great a deal are these?

The first winner of a spankin’ new laptop will be announced on September 1st.  So hurry!  A free laptop is one the best back-to-school presents a student could ever receive.

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