La.Pi.S. #11: Breakfast

I’ll be re-posting previously used photos for this week’s Lasang Pinoy, Sunday’s theme, which is “Breakfast”.

Nothing beats a “silog” , that is sinangag (fried rice) + itlog (fried egg) + tapa (marinated beef) or longganisa (Philippine sausage) or tocino (What’s tocino in English? Hee!) breakfast, yes? :) Since we’re thousands of miles away from home, we have to make do with sausages that resembles the ones from the Philippines in looks but not in taste (not close at all!).

I save the adobo sauce so I can fry left over rice in it for breakfast, that is, if there’s left over rice at all. :D

It’s nice to run out of bread every once in a while. That forces us to grab a cereal box in the morning. Hee hee.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make sure you never miss it.  Most schools here in Texas will re-open on Tuesday, so if you’ve got students at home, whether they go to an actual school, schooled at home or getting their degree online , feed ’em well in the morning! ;)

Have a wonderful week ahead! :)

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5 Responses to “La.Pi.S. #11: Breakfast”

  1. anya says:

    wow, adobo rice!

    wow, longsilog!

    can i have some of those?

    anyas last blog post..Pinoy Kakanin Fever


  2. Jay says:

    i suggest you have to make longanisa on your own. recipes are readily available. skinless longanisa is the best for me & that easy to make since you don’t have to scout for the skin, an ordinary plastic bag like the one used in ice candies or just roll it on plastic wraps

    Jays last blog post..LaPiS: Breakfast


  3. ces says:

    true sis! but now that i ran out of bread, i am having pusitlog! waaaah! forget about the waistline! hehehe!


  4. maiylah says:

    all yummy shots! almost lunch now and am craving for breakfast food! lol. :D

    maiylahs last blog post..Lasang Pinoy, Sundays: Breakfast


  5. JMom says:

    Yep, nothing beats our longanisa when it comes to breakfast sausages. :) And adobo fried rice, what could be better! It’s a great way to use up left over rice and left over adobo. I love it.


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