Fresh Funds and the Sproutwells

Do you love fruits and veggies? Yes? Then join the freshfunds program! It’s a program where you can accumulate points that can be used to earn prizes, make charitable donations and bid on auction items, which include a Nintendo Wii and host of other fun items. Each week, there’s a new auction item up for grabs. You can get the points from Chiquita and Fresh Express products.

I’m already salivating over the items that will be auctioned in the next few weeks: an I-Mac, a pink Kitchen Aid tabletop mixer, Tiffany’s gift card, etc.! I hope to earn enough points to be able to bid on these goodies!

The Sproutwells is a brainchild of FreshFunds and there’s a new video up on YouTube. The Sproutwells are a typical fruit and veggie family living among humans and trying to fit in the human world.

My favorite character is still the Mommy. She’s the one with the best personality in this lot of veggies and fruits. Hee hee.

If you liked the video, feel free to share it with other fruit and veggie lovers. :)

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