Glutinous Rice Balls

This is Abby’s new favorite snack (and sometimes, dessert!)…

golf balls! Kidding. They are glutinous rice balls!  It’s sticky balls with red bean paste filling.  We buy it from the Asian supermarket and costs between $2.00 and $2.50 per pack of 10 balls.

This is a common dessert in Chinese restaurants and comes in different variations.  The most common is the “buchi” or deep fried rice balls with sesame seeds.  At least, these aren’t greasy because they are boiled.  You simply boil water and dump these balls.  Wait for the water to boil again, turn down the heat and wait for the balls to float.  When they do, that means they’re ready to enjoyed!

Abby can eat a good number of these balls in one sitting.  But I try to limit her to 3 pieces, per seating!  Hee hee.  What can I say?  My daughter truly her mother’s daughter…and truly Asian, too! ;)

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