Keep Warm…Be Cuddled!

There was a time when a cute little pillow and a blanket will be waiting for you on your seat when you board an airplane.  Now, this tiny traveler perk is conspicuously gone, along with being able to bring a maximum of 2 pieces of luggage!  To think it sometimes gets so unbearably cold inside an aircraft!  Should we now hand carry our pillows and blankets when we travel?  The world of travel is definitely changing!

And what about in the office?  Have you found yourself ditching a cute and trendy dress because the office A/C’s thermostat is set so low as if to simulate fall or winter temperatures?  And if ever you got around to wearing a dress, does it end up not being seen at all because you have to wear a jacket over it?

Luckily, there’s a way for us to travel sans a bulky pillow and blanket and to show off trendy office clothes without freezing to death.   Welcome the Cabin Cuddler.


It’s a 6-in-1 travel blanket and pillow, which you can use at home and in the office.  It is contour-cut so it covers every inch of your body.  You want to hear more?  It also has a patented pocket which will keep your feet warm and comes with an inflatable pillow, too!  The reversible tote bag holds both blanket and pillow and turns into your very own hygienic pillow case.  You no longer need to be suspicious of airline pillow and blanket and how often they are laundered!  ;)

The Cabin Cuddler comes in two colors, black and cranberry.  This makes for a nice present…for yourself and for the people you hold dear. ;)  I know just who to give a few of these to! :D

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