Rorberto’s Burrito Grande

When we went up to Mammoth in California last month, we had dinner at Roberto’s Cafe, a typical Mexican restaurant.  Hubby and I love Mexican food.  But we were not prepared for the size of Roberto’s Burrito Grande (or was it called Grande Burrito?  Whatever!)…

To say that it was huge is an understatement!  We haven’t seen a burrito this size in Tex-Mex food rich Texas (or we just don’t go out that much!). :D  It was my aunt who ordered it and even she was overwhelemed by the size.  When you are served food this size, you suddenly lose whatever feeling of  hunger you might have before.  Seeing it alone fills you up already.  My aunt ate only about a quarter of the gigantic burrito.  The rest, we ate over breakfast.  This is easily good for a family of four.  Hee hee.  That, of course, is an exageration! :D

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