Morey’s Piers

We’re on a mission.  In addition to the Disneyland-type of theme parks, we want to visit as many water theme parks as possible.  As many as our budget will allow.  You can’t really blame us.  We live in Texas and here, it feels like it’s summer for the most part of the year. We’ve so far visited 2 here in Texas and there are a couple more that we are just dying to visit.  A family beach vacation is something we always welcome with open arms.

If our plans to go to New York next year push through, we’ll definitely include a side trip to New Jersey in our itinerary.  And I know just the perfect place to visit, Morey’s Piers. ;) It has not one, but two beachfront waterparks!  The thought along gets me all worked up and raring to go. As in NOW! I have it all figured out already. We’ll stay in one of the wildwood hotels motels and have loads of water fun. That simple. :D

Everyday of the week, Morey’s has very special offerings: Magical Mondays, Tues “Day” Time Special, Extreme Ride Wednesdays, Thirty Dollar Thursday, Friday Splashtacular and Fired Up Friday Nights.  Complete details of these specials are available on their website.

So if you’re anywhere near Morey’s or are willing to take long drives, even a plane ride to what promises to be an exciting family beach vacation, go now!  It’s not summer all year long in New Jersey, you know. ;)

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