WS #24: Ikea Restaurant & Cafe (Again!)

Last Saturday, after coming from a children’s party, Hubby, Abby and I headed to Ikea to check out their Labor Day Sale.  We decided to have lunch there, too.  This time, except for Abby, Hubby and I both ordered something we haven’t ordered before.

Hubby went for the day’s special promo meal of 1/2 Baby Back Ribs served with a side of fries and corn bread.

1/2 Baby Back Ribs with Corn Bread and Fries

From the photo of the ribs, would you be able to guess if Hubby enjoyed his meal?  I don’t know if Hubby just got unlucky but the ribs he was served looked like it came from a malnourished pig.  It was all ribs and no meat.  It tasted ok, according to Hubby, but he wished there was more to taste.  Hee hee.

As for me, I ordered the Pasta Marinara and Side Salad combo.

Pasta with Marinara Sauce

Side Salad

I wasn’t very happy with my food as well.  The sauce was too bland for me.  I added a dash of salt (a couple of times at that!) but that didn’t quite work for me.  I grew more interested on the car insurance comparison conversation on the next table (which was a little too loud!) than on the food before me.  I was only able to finish half of my pasta. :(  Next time, I’ll stick to the Salmon Rice Pilaf.

Redemption came in the form of dessert, our usual chocolate cake.  That, I enjoyed.

I hope y’all had better meals this weekend. :)

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Have a great new week ahead!

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12 Responses to “WS #24: Ikea Restaurant & Cafe (Again!)”

  1. Ikea is one of my favorite places to eat! We go to the one in Seattle, and it takes us almost 3 hours to get there, so it’s an event when we go!

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    Jennifer Robin Reply:

    CommentLuv is picking up the wrong last post for some reason. My Weekend Snapshots are here and here

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  2. milet says:


    i hope you can visit my ws entry here. thanks.

    milets last blog post..Record Breaking Month


  3. joys in life says:

    if i take my pic, id love the pasta! the salad sounds healthy too.

    wish you a great week ahead.

    drop by my first entry if u have the time. thanks.

    joys in lifes last blog post..WS # 1


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  5. tigerfish says:

    Ikea serves back of ribs??? Not here in Singapore, I think.

    tigerfishs last blog post..Cake Biscuit – Wood Log Biscuits, not Mooncakes – Alisan, Taiwan


  6. Cookie says:

    I was able to eat at their branch in Newark. Loved it. I had the Swedish Meatballs. Those ribs look so yummy!

    Cookies last blog post..Adios!!


  7. Weng, next time Ikea = furnitures not good food.

    Clicking Aways last blog post..LaPiS 006 – Soup


  8. ETTEY says:

    wow! yummy!! their pasta looks really good!!


  9. Julie says:

    The ribs look like all bones I agree, kulay puti ang kita, hindi brown :D

    What were your shopping finds?

    Have a great week, Weng :)

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  10. Everything looks good on your table. I’m sure you enjoyed your dining experience.

    Rach (Heart of Rachel)s last blog post..Weekend Snapshot #40