Comfort in a Bowl of Macaroni Soup

Comfort-in-a-Bowl for me may be a bowl of strawberry cereal with milk, one or two scoops of ice cream, popcorn, chips, etc.  The possibilities are just endless.  Last week, my comfort-in-a-bowl was this…

Macaroni Soup or sopas as we call it in the Philippines.  I’ve always loved sopas.  And in spite of the Texas heat, I had a bowl of sopas and some crackers for lunch Friday last week.  There are a number of variations to cooking sopas.  Usually, chicken is used.  Some add shredded cabbage and milk, too!  Hubby doesn’t want too much veggies in his sopas.  I just threw in a few pieces of carrots.  Instead of chicken, I used ground turkey.  And to add more flavor, I dropped one chicken bouillon cube. :D  Yum!

What’s your comfort-in-a-bowl? :D

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