Steamed Fish

My favorite fish is Lapu-Lapu (Grouper).  It’s just too bad that this fish has become so expensive in the Philippines that it has become a fish reserved for special occasions.  Well, fresh seafood is expensive here, too!  My Nanay (maternal grandmother), cooks lapu-lapu in a frufru free manner…by steaming.  She simply rubs some salt on the fish and squeezes a few pieces of calamansi on it(the Philippine lime).  That’s it.  The fish can also be marinated in soy sauce and calamansi.  We use mayonaisse as dip.  It’s perfect with hot rice!

I am so clueless about fish varieties.  I totally forgot what this fish is called.  Can anybody tell me? :D  I’ll be better at it…promise.

I don’t usually garnish my steamed fish to look like Nemo.  Hee hee!  I only did this once and that was a long time ago.  Hubby and Abby tend to get a little impatient. :D  So I now, I simply lay the fish on a serving plate straight from the steamer.  No more garnishings!  Less work, too! ;)

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  1. Weng, this reminds me of the steamed lapu lapu we used to have during parties when I was younger. I don’t see this anymore I guess because it is just too hard to prepare.

    Clicking Aways last blog post..LaPiS 006 – Soup


  2. […] Steamed Lapu-lapu is a childhood favorite fish dish of mine.  Perfect with mayo and steamed rice.  The fish in the photo, however, is not lapu-lapu (grouper).  I can’t remember what the above fish is called.  Sorry! […]

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