Ensaladang Mangga (Green Mango Salad)

Sliced green mango plus sliced tomatoes plus bagoong (shrimp paste) equals ensaladang mangga (green mango salad.  Most people add some chopped onions.  But as I may have mentioned a couple of times already, Hubby and I are not so fond of fresh onions.  Green mango salad is not salad as we know it.  It’s more of a sawsawan (dipping sauce) or a side dish that is usually paired with grilled meats and seafood.

I scored some green mangoes again yesterday when I went to the supermarket (not Asian).  I was a tad disappointed though because green as the mangoes were, they were almost ripe already!  Nevertheless, that didn’t stop me from making ensaladang mangga to go with our broiled tilapia.

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