Feasts Be on Earth

It’s now September and feastings will now just pass us by one after the other.  At my age, I still look forward to holiday celebrations and other family occasions.  I’ll always be a kid in that respect. :)  I just love happy get-togethers!  My fondest memories of family reunions will always be those of Christmas, where there’s lots of food, not to mention stories, to go around.  It’s just too bad we won’t be coming home for Christmas as planned. :(  Hopefully, we will have our Philippine Christmas next year. Holiday Photo Cards won’t be enough to take our place at family reunions, but we’ll definitely be mailing lots of them. I’ve actually already started my search for the perfect holiday photo card at Doodlebugdezigns.com.

There’s so many designs to choose from!  But no worries, it’s not like I’m pressed for time to make a choice. :)

In parting, I say, feasts be with y’all!  :)

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