Tee Time!

Here’s an eye candy for all ye lovers of golf…TPC Las Vegas…

Here’s one more…Reflection Bay Golf Club….

Are you drooling yet? Hubby requested me to do a little research on Las Vegas golf packages for his former big bosses from Japan who will be coming to the US in a few weeks.  Now, I don’t really know a whole lot about golf, but judging by the looks of the greens above, I know they’ll have a hell of a good time in any one of these two golfing destinations.  And there are packages which is good enough to accommodate their group of 8!  If I have to choose only one from the two resorts above, beautiful as Reflection Bay Golf Club is, my vote will have to go to TPC Las Vegas.  Why?  Because it is a PGA owned public facility, offering a PGA tour experience to the avid golfer. ;)  That’s a good enough reason, don’t you think?

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