T & S Seafood Restaurant

We had a most wonderful dimsum lunch today at T&S Seafood Restaurant.  It was in December 2007 when I first posted an entry on T&S.  I revisited that entry and I found it kinda funny to realize that we feasted on practically the same variety of dimsum.  Just in case you get curious, you can find that entry HERE.

Here’s what we had for lunch…

Shrimp Wrapped in Egg Noodle

Turnip Cakes

Chicken Feet (Did I just hear somebody say “Eeeew!”?)

Shrimp with Mushroom

Shrimp with Scallop (Obviously, we love shrimps!)

Fried Taro Puff


Egg Custards for dessert

a bowl of Tofu with Caramel Syrup (taho as we call it in the Philippines) for Abby

Oooh la la!

How about another “ooh la la”? Hee hee.

I love it when Abby eats with gusto. As for me, I’ve lost count how many times I said “Uhhhhmmmm” during lunch. We just absolutely love dimsum. What the heck, we’re addicted! If there’s such a thing as drug treatment or drug rehab for dimsum addiction, we are very good candidates. Hee hee. The same goes for my family back home! I can eat at T & S Seafood Restaurant every Sunday. Sunday is the only day they have dimsum on rolling carts. It just won’t be the same experience on other days. :D

T & S Seafood Restaurant
10014 N Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78753
(512) 339-8434

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Have a great week ahead! :)

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26 Responses to “T & S Seafood Restaurant”

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  2. maiylah says:

    yummy!!! love dimsum, too! though i don’t think i’d order chicken feet, lol. :)

    maiylahs last blog post..Weekend Snapshot: Donuts!


  3. FickleMinded says:

    One year kami nag stay sa ‘pinas and my son learned how to eat the “taho” :)
    I love those comes with shrimp.


  4. Reflexes says:

    Mommy gusto ko din ang Chinese food…where is the fried ice cream? happy WS!
    Living In Australia

    Reflexess last blog post..WS: Time Flies


  5. mharia says:

    what a yummy feast!!!

    mharias last blog post..Weekend Snapshot: Bird and Fruits


  6. JoyD says:

    I Like them all!! especially the TAHO!!!!!!! Wahhhhhh.. I want some!!!!
    Mine is up http://aussietalks.com/2008/09/our-weekend-away.html

    JoyDs last blog post..Our Weekend Away!!!!


  7. aeirin says:

    wow.. they look so yummy

    Hope you visit my Weekend Snapshot have a great day


  8. SandyCarlson says:

    All of that looks incredible!


  9. Lizzz says:

    OMG! They all look delicious!!!

    Everyday Minerals make up. I bought them online a month ago. They are sample jars, foundation, concealer and blush. Check it out!


  10. mOmmY Life says:

    Truly delicious! YumYum!!! Happy WS!!!


    mOmmY Lifes last blog post..♥ Weekend Snapshot#55 ♥


  11. Eds says:

    So yummyyy!!! I think all of u had so much fun eating! :) Happy WS!


  12. saint2 says:

    Sometimes chinese dim sums taste so much better overseas in those well established restaurants. – don ask me n ask me why. lol


  13. Yummy!!!! Perfect to spend weekend break… Have a nice day ahead!!!! Mine’s up too hope you can drop by.


  14. Valerie says:

    ooh it seems like you had a wonderful lunch. I love dimsum too. The shrimp wrapped in egg noodle looks so delicious, I guess I’m going to try that one too. Thanks! oh by the way, my husband loves taho too! yummy!

    Valeries last blog post..Never Buy Them Again Bagels


  15. Am getting hungry here looking at all those delicious food!

    Tere {Blessings in Life}s last blog post..Another Manic Monday


  16. Kero says:

    hmmmnnn, too many choices but iw ould love to taste the shrimp in mushroom.i like anything with fresh mushroom.Thank you for the visit! till next weekend!

    Keros last blog post..weekend snapshot # 19


  17. napaboaniya says:

    That first picture isn’t rice noodle. It’s made from rice flour. One of my favourite food! :) Love the soft skin and sauce that accompanies it :)

    napaboaniyas last blog post..Phot Hunt – Road


  18. Pinky says:

    Yum-yum! :) I remember my Luk Yuen “adventures” in Manila tuloy… Dimsum is up my list of fave foods too. :)

    Pinkys last blog post..My “Green” Award


  19. Jean Chia says:

    wow, absolutely yummy~licious!!! :))

    Jean Chias last blog post..Library Of Alexandria, Egypt


  20. Yen says:

    Ah food! Yummylish!!! :)


  21. Carver says:

    The food all looks delicious.

    Carvers last blog post..Weekend Snapshot: Number 55


  22. JMom says:

    No ewes from me, we order almost the same things when we go to dimsum! :)


  23. jeanne says:

    all looks yummy

    jeannes last blog post..Weekend Snapshot : Church


  24. Kerslyn says:

    waaaa!!!! ginutom tuloy ako Mommy! Fave namin ni hubby Dimsum. tsalap,tsalap talaga.

    Thanks for visiting my WS entry and BTW, yep, it’s a KFC dessert. first time din namin kumain nung Indulgence.


  25. Wow, dimsum galore!

    Rach (Heart of Rachel)s last blog post..The Philippine Blog Awards 2008


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