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I didn’t realize that Las Vegas Golf courses are fast gaining popularity. It doesn’t come as a surprise though because if I’m not mistaken, one can play golf in Vegas the whole year round.  Plus, like candies in a candy store, there are so many golf destinations to choose from!  Three of them are Royal Links Golf Club,
Desert Pines Golf Club and Bali Hai Golf Club.  If I were an avid golfer and budget is not an issue, of the three, my personal pick would be the Bali Hai Golf Club, recognized as one of “America’s Top 40 Resort Courses” by GolfWeek Magazine and the “Best Course in Las Vegas” by VegasGolfer Magazine.  The best part, at least for me, is that it’s located right smack on the strip, the center of Vegas action.  ;)  One can very easily switch from one Vegas activity to another. :D

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