Disney B-I-N-G-O

I was in grade school when I first attended a bingo social.  My school then held such an event as a fund raiser on a yearly basis.  Those days, there were none of the cool bingo markers that we have now.  Yes, the ones that come in different colors with blotting tips of different shapes!  Back then, we used corn kernels and small rocks as markers.  Hee hee.  The game of bingo has indeed come a long way.

As proof that BINGO has evolved and continues to evolve, there is now a Disney Bingo DVD game out in the market. It’s available online at Amazon.Com and Drugstore.com.  And because it is by Disney, you can be sure that it is a game that the entire family, the kids specially, will have loads of fun playing.

My daughter loves playing board games, the improved versions of the ones I played with when I was little.  I can bet we’re going to love this bingo game from Disney.   It’s a fun way for kids aged 3-6 to master numbers, colors, patterns and matching skills.  Just pop the DVD into the player and the video will automatically call in the numbers.  Parents can then focus on helping and making sure the kids get the numbers and patterns right.  But moms and dads can always choose to call the numbers themselves.  That makes the Disney Bingo an anytime, anywhere game.

Waddaya say?  Let’s play BINGO!

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