Dollar Finds at Target

I heart Target, but doesn’t most people?  A visit to Target isn’t complete without me checking out the dollar deals near the front of the store right next to a check-out lane.  There are a few things which cost $2.50 at most, but more than three-quarters of the stuff there cost only a dollar.

Last Thursday, Abby and I were in Target to buy birthday presents.  As always, I wandered off to the dollar deals section and was I glad I did!  Want to know what I got?  I won’t keep you in suspense for very long…

I got silicone cupcake cups in bright funky colors: red, blue and yellow.  $1.00 for a pack of 6.  I should have gotten 4 packs so I’ll have 24 cups.  Most recipes yield 12 or 24 cupcakes.  Hee hee.  I’ll get another pack when I’m back at Target, which should be some day soon. ;)

Lookey…ramekins!  Weee!  These thingamajigs can get a little pricey at so-called high end stores.  For a dollar per pack of 2 ramekins, I say this is a steal!  I got 5 packs.  The question is, what will I do with them?  Hee hee.   Souffle?  Creme Brulee?  It doesn’t matter.  The possibilities are endless. ;)

I could have bought a host of other things but had to restrain myself.  I’ll just save them for my next trip to Target. :D

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  1. ces says:

    wowowee! great find talaga yan weng! sana meron pa:( tagal ko na gusto nyan:) guess what i ended up buying in bedbath…not the cupcake tree, ranekin set of 4 and a blow torch:) at last nagka-blow torch na rin ako hehe..btw, why aren’t you putting up the FB logo yet?


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