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My Mom introduced me to the wonderful world of fragrances before I even turned 18.  She practically hoards perfumes and eau de toilettes when she travels and I looked forward to being the lucky recipient of a prized bottle of EDT or perfume when she comes back home from a business trip.  We also love shopping fragrances for men and am I glad I married a man who values smelling good, too!  Hubby and I share the same passion for fragrances. I love wonderful scents for myself and everyone and everything else around me.  You can bet that our car and our house smells good, too.  No, I don’t use my perfumes as airfreshners.  I use the more practical alternative.

In the more than one year we’ve been living on our own here in Texas, I’ve experimented with so many home fragrances which included scented oils, candles and plug-ins.  There’s a plug-in all the rooms in our house, including the bathrooms.  But my latest discovery, thank God, reduced the number of plug-ins we have to just one.  Yes, one!  That’s for now, at least.  My home welcomes, Renuzit TriScents.


My TriScents plugged in is in the living room.  With our high ceilings, the scent just floats up in the air and whenever I step out of any of our upstairs rooms, I am greeted by the sweet scents of the Morning Meadow Collection.  What makes TriScents unique is that it is 3 harmonious scents in one convenient product. Each plug-in contains three scented oils that continuously transition throughout the day.  Alternately,  my house smells of Waterfall Mist, After the rain and Pure Breeze.  The plug-in automatically transitions from one scent to another every 45 minutes.  I think it’s pretty high-tech!  Hee hee!

I love this product so much that I will be printing a coupon from so I can get my hands on another starter kit.  You might want to print one for yourself, too!

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