Lasang Pinoy, Sundays #16: Bagoong (Shrimp Paste) Fried Rice

I can’t even recall the last time I had Bagoong (Shrimp Paste) Fried Rice!  When we had lunch at a Thai restaurant several weeks ago, I was hell bent on ordering it.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have it (and never will!) because most customers (non-Asians obviously!) will find the smell offensive.  Hmp!

When I found the perfect green mangoes at the Asian Market some time last month, I took it as a cue to make my own Bagoong Fried Rice.  What I couldn’t eat in a restaurant, I just cooked myself! Ha!

To  make, you’ll need garlic, onion, ginger strips, pork slices (about 1/2 cup), shrimp paste, cooked rice, green mango strips and egg.

For some semblance of organization, I set to work on the toppings first:

First, I sliced the green mango into thin strips then set it aside.

Next, I cooked two eggs as an omelette, folding it into three, to resemble a crepe.  I sliced it into strips then set it aside.

After the eggs, I worked on the pork topping next.   I sauted a few cloves of garlic and some onion slices in hot oil then added the pork.  When the pork turned brown in color, I added a bit of shrimp paste and a sprinkling of sugar for a touch of sweetness.  From the pan, I transfered the pork to a small dish and set it aside.

Next, the fried rice.  On the same pan where I cooked the pork, I again sauted some garlic and onions with the addition of ginger slices.  Then, I added about 3 tablespoons of shrimp paste and let it simmer for a minute or two.  Next, I added the rice and made sure to mix the contents of the pan well.  It’s a good two minutes of mixing.  Hee hee.  When the rice was ready, I transferred it into a serving dish.

Time to bring out the prepared toppings!  With the rice sitting nicely on the serving dish, I arranged the egg, pork and mango slices on top of the rice in a neat row.  Voila!  My very own homemade Bagoong Fried Rice. *wink*

Hubby and I added some crushed pepper to our heaping servings of bagoong rice.  The contrast of the salty shrimp paste, the sweet pork and the sour mango just had us craving for more!  Yum!

To say that I was pleased with how this dish turned out is an understatement.  I even took separate photos with my camera phone just so I’ll have copies in a  micro sd card as well.  Hee hee.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! :)

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18 Responses to “Lasang Pinoy, Sundays #16: Bagoong (Shrimp Paste) Fried Rice”

  1. abby says:

    :) pareho tayong entry! sumali din ako, pero recycled photo!


  2. ces says:

    *drooling, drooling, drooled! on the laptop!* haha! sarap nyan weng! i’ll ask M to make again:)kung makahanap sha ng mangoes:)

    cess last blog post..Lasang Pinoy, Sundays: Rice, Rice, Rice…Yay!


  3. Gracie says:

    ang aga pa lang dito at natatakam ako sa pinost mo! yummy!! favorite ko yan :)

    btw, got something for you:

    have a great week ahead! :)

    Gracies last blog post..i heart your blog award


  4. I guess Pinoy favorite talaga yung Thai dish na yan. I so love bagoong fried rice. I hope makatikim naman ako niyan next time ha :)

    Clicking Aways last blog post..LaPiS 016 – Rice, Rice, Rice


  5. Jay says:

    owwwwwwwwwww, i realy love the rice & the green manggoes. hay gabe, daig ko pa ng naglilihi pag nakakita ako ng mangang hilaw

    Jays last blog post..La.Pi.S.#16: Rice, Rice, Rice


  6. Pinky says:

    Weng, ang galing mo naman! The dish looks absolutely delish – yum! Nate-tempt tuloy akong magpuslit ng oink-oink mula sa kapitbahay na kaharian para makagawa din nito… hehehe :)


  7. yum yum! pareho kayo ni abby ng entry, hinihikayat niyo akong itry ito :)
    pramis lumala ang ubo ko sa yema hahhaah!


  8. Yen says:

    Natakam naman ako nito:) I wish I love cooking! haha

    Yens last blog post..Monday Breakfast


  9. iska says:

    YUM! my version is so simple, bagoong lang at dilis…
    yang sa yo… mukhang da best!

    iskas last blog post..Nasi Lemak or Chicken Rice?


  10. Zriz says:

    Bagoong fried rice? I haven’t tried that one before but I’ve had Bagoong sautéed with pork fat (fried and drained of fat) hehehe this IS definitely yummy. Too bad the Thai restaurant didn’t have it… :(

    Here’s mine, hope you can drop by! La.Pi.S.: Rice

    Zrizs last blog post..La.Pi.S: Rice


  11. G_mirage says:

    I have never tried cooking this, I anyway eat rice with bagoong on the side and kangkong for ulam! =D Ayy, dapat pala taba ng talangka sa rice ang pinost ko…hihi, mag-gutuman tayo ngayong Lapis! hehe. ;-)

    (Dami ko utang na tags sayo naku…)

    G_mirages last blog post..Chili Shrimp, hubby’s weakness ;-)


  12. G_mirage says:

    ay hindi pala sayo ung mga tags…sorry nalilito po…anyway do take care!

    G_mirages last blog post..Chili Shrimp, hubby’s weakness ;-)


  13. Twinkie says:

    Wowowee!!! I’m sure napakasarap nito! Ssslurp!

    Twinkies last blog post..Four Years


  14. JMom says:

    Oh my, I started drooling with the green mango and I haven’t stopped yet :)


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