The Air We Breathe

I have relatives who suffer from asthma, mostly from my Mom’s side of the family.  My nephew used to have very frequent and really bad asthma attacks, too.  Thankfully, these don’t happen anymore, at least, not as often as they used to (knock on wood).  I’m also very thankful, too, that my daughter doesn’t have asthma, and I’d like to keep healthy and asthma free.

Air pollutants abound, outdoors and indoors.  It might surprise you to know that based on studies, the air we breathe indoors is typically more polluted than outdoor air.  Bad indoor air can cause respiratory problems; asthma and allergy attacks; skin, eyes and nose irritations; damage to the central nervous system and cancer.

To keep ourselves respiratory problem free, we are now seriously considering buying an air purifier for our home.  True, air purifiers are quite costly but the benefits far outweight the expense.  There are a number of air purifiers out in the market, one of which is the  fresh air purifier by EcoQuest.

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