Pre-K Bento Lunch #3: Macaroni Salad and Finger Sandwiches

First let me get something out of the way, a disclaimer if you will.  I am very new at the art of bento lunches and I am aware that there’s a rule of thumb when it comes to portion control (3 parts carbs, 1 part protein and 2 parts fruits and vegetables).  And of course, no gaps!  Hopefully, I’ll be able to meet the portion control requirements as I progress. *cross fingers*

Abby’s lunch one day last week was macaroni salad, finger sandwiches and mandarin oranges.  The macaroni salad is very simple: just mix together cooked elbow macaroni, shredded chicken breast, apple slices, raisins and mayo plus a dash of salt.  The finger sandwiches are made with wheat bread, turkey ham, cheddar cheese and a bit of mayo.

I was pleased that Abby ate all the macaroni salad and two of the finger sandwiches.  I’m afraid she didn’t touch the fruits, if she did, only a few pieces at best.  At least now, she’s eating food other than siomai!  Hee hee! :D

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  1. Meeya says:

    haha, oo naman! a big improvement over siomai :D ok lang yan, no need for the disclaimer. galing nga eh, at least nakakapag-try ka! :) baby steps! :D

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