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Do you like shopping at on-line stores and at E-bay?  If you live outside the USA, it can be really frustrating if the seller does not offer international shipping because there are a lot of goodies which cost cheaper in the US.  How then can you get your hands on something that you really want?

Fortunately, there is a solution.  There is a company called Shipito.Com which can serve as your usa mailbox.  You can have your online purchases and Ebay auction winning shipped to who will then forward your package/s to you.  They have very low USPS and FedEx international shipping rates.

This is good news for online sellers, too!  You will finally be able to  offer international shipping, too and with no hassle!  You can either refer customers to so they sign up with the system or open your own account and enter online where each package should be forwarded.

Whether you’re an overseas buyer or an online seller, I suggest you check it out. ;)

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