Costume Hunting

Even before we moved to the US, Abby has already been participating in Trick or Treat activities held at malls back home.  We sometimes even sign up at two different malls!  Abby has always been a princess in previous halloweens.  Girls just love princess costumes.  Last year, I tried very hard to convince Abby to at least not be a Disney princess.  I knew for a fact that there will be a hundred other Snow Whites or Cinderellas.  I’m glad she agreed.  So last year, she was a Snow Princess…

I love Abby’s Snow Princess costume. For a while, she said she wanted to wear the same costume this year, to which I didn’t object. But she has since changed her mind. We’ve only been to a few Halloween Costume Stores and Abby has decided all on her own that she wants to be Super Girl.

I’m trying to convince Hubby that the two of us wear costumes as well.  The three of us can buy our costumes online at Halloween Adventures and get free economy shipping if we order $60 or more.  But we have to decide right away as the promo is only until October 10th.  We’ll see what happens.

We haven’t finalized our game plan for Halloween yet. The one sure thing is we’re going to have a lot of fun. Boo! :D

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  1. mEldita says:

    HANG GANDA! buti pa dyan hindi mainit mag costume :D


  2. lori says:

    anong costume nyo? ako ren naghahanap e.


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