One of the greatest blessings God has bestowed upon me is my husband.  We’ve known each other since high school and we are each other’s first and last boyfriend/girlfriend.  In my younger years, it has been a constant prayer of mine that I be spared from bad relationships, depressing breakups and total jerks, losers and creeps who are disguised as men. And I am very thankful that my prayers were answered.  There truly is a God!

Finding true love can be tricky and is hard work, and a lot of people will attest to that!   People go through great lengths trying to find THE ONE – blind dates, penpals (or is it now email pals?), chat rooms, etcetera.  Let us not forget the online-dating services!!  I used to be very skeptical about finding someone “real” online. Then again, I know people who connected via the cyberspace route. I guess if one is really very careful, it is possible to find love online.

If you belong to the brave and daring group of people who find the prospect of meeting Mr. and Ms. Right online appealing, then True.Com might just be the site you are looking for.  It is the only dating and relationship service, which is endorsed by Psychology Today.  From what I gather, True.Com is also the only internet dating service, which conducts criminal background screening and Singe Certification. Best of all you can  sign up and search for free!  True will help you find the soul mate or great date that you’re looking for. *wink*

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