Mais con Hielo

One of my childhood favorite coolers is Mais con Hielo.  My Mom would buy large cans of creamy corn, and it was my Dad’s job to make shaved ice.  In those days, there were no snowcone machines yet, at least, not the ones for home use. :)

Just put a few spoonfulls of the creamy corn in a glass, add a little bit of sugar, fill the glass with shaved ice then pour some milk and voila!  A simple and refreshing dessert or snack that you can enjoy at home.  This is available in a lot of restaurants back home, but not as common in this part of the world, as far as I know!   I’d say not even in vegas hotels!  Abby loves Mais con Hielo and asks for it a lot now.

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  1. I have never tried this! It looks good.

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