Go for Self Hosting!

Still undecided on whether to jump into the self-hosting bandwagon or not? I say go for it!  Sure, having a free-hosted blog, say in WordPress, Blogger, Live Journal, Friendster and the like, leaves you with so much less headache. But having your own domain and self hosting your site is one of the best things you can do for youself, as a blogger, specially if you’re in it for the long haul.

I too, had my reservations about self hosting.  For one, I know nothing about self hosting.  Two, I’m going to have to spend to keep my site going not to mention to keep my domain as well.  I’m blessed in that I took the plunge with a friend, MrsPartyGirl a.k.a. MrsWorkingGirl a.k.a MrsTekkie, who helped me a great deal in getting my site up and running.  I now have two domains to my name and 3 active blogs.  And every penny I spend on maintaining my sites is money very well spent.

I’m sure you have techie friends as well, but in the very slim chance that you don’t, there are web hosting geeks who are just too willing to help you, not to mention, a webhosting blog you can use as reference or guide.  The webhosting blog will keep you abreast on industry news, trends, products and related discussions.  So you see?  There really is nothing to fear.  Just remember one other important thing when you do find yourself with your own self-hosted site, and that is “back up!” ;)

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