Who is Braden Power?

No, he’s not the founder of the Scouting Movement. That is(Robert) Baden-Powell! Braden Power is half of the power (pun intended) brother tandem that is Power Properties, the other half being Craig Power. The duo of Baden and Craif are currently developing a new three-building, 137-unit condominium conversion project near Preston Hollow in Dallas.

The project is aptly named Paradiso, which, in Italian, means Paradise. It is a high-end development which boasts of a courtyard that features a coffee bar, projection screen television and custom furniture, including a mammoth outdoor bed.

With the price tag for a one-, two- and three-bedroom units ranging in price from $130,000 to $250,000 and a size from 700 square feet to 1,700 square feet, it is a very tempting real estate investment.

Paradiso will definitely click not only with the young and single professionals but with families as well.

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