Pre-K Bento Lunch #6: Adobo Onigiri and Tamagoyaki

While I diligently take photos of the bento lunches I make for my 4-year old daughter, I haven’t been quite diligent in posting them.  I was checking my Abby’s Bento Lunch photo archives and found several where I used Halloween sticks (the only kinds I have!).  So please don’t be surprised if in the next few days, you see a witch hat and a pumpkin in Abby’s bento lunch box when we’re well on our way to Thanksgiving. :)

This is my most well received bento lunch for Abby thus far…

In the box are a flower-shaped adobo onigiri, carrot sticks, tamagoyaki, broccoli and crab sticks and for dessert, some mandarin orange slices.

I made the adobo onigiri using the sauce from left over adobo the night before.  I simply mixed a tablespoon or two of adobo sauce with 3/4 cup rice, formed them into a flower then fried them a bit in a pan oiled with non-stick spray.  The tamagoyaki isn’t the “real” tamagoyaki.  I didn’t use dashi in cooking the egg.  I simply added some seasoning and a bit of water to water down the egg mixture.  But now that I’ve got myself some real dashi courtesy of Hubby’s boss, I’ll be able to make real tamagoyaki soon. ;)

Abby devoured the contents of this bento box, save for the broccoli.  A winning bento lunch moment for me. *pats self on the back*  Weeee!

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  1. Weng, ang tiyaga mo naman! Bento lunches are always nice to look at… I’m sure Abby had fun eating this.

    Leap of Faith!s last blog post..Truly Blessed


  2. Pinky says:

    That’s a cool touch to “Japanesify” adobo! You are one creative cooking momma! :)

    Pinkys last blog post..Carrot and Crab Combo


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