Sears Big One Day Sale

Heads up shopaholics and sale junkies!  On the 15th of November (yes, that’s this coming Saturday already!), Sears will be having a Big One Day sale.  Doorbuster deals are from 7 am to noon only!  I may have to get up really early on a weekend for this.  Just telling you about it makes me oh so excited.

To tell you honestly, I have my eyes set on only one thing, the KitchenAid 4.5 qt bowl lift stand mixer, which will be sold at the lowest price ever of $159.99!  The original price tag on this baby is $279.99 but it is being sold right now at for $251.99.  Between you and me, I am now on my 3rd (cheapo) hand mixer.  The first one conked out right smack in the middle of my first brush with cheesecake.  The second one wouldn’t turn off unless I pull the plug.  The third is only a few weeks old and who knows how long it’s going to serve its purpose.  I’ve been fixated on a KitchenAid mixer for some time now and come Saturday, I may just find myself with my very own.  I am so hyperventilating at the thought!  That would be a wonderful early Christmas present! :) *sigh*

Come to think of it, I will probably have enough left for a Nextar 7inch digital photo frame, which has a price tag of $39.99 (currently being sold at for $49.99).  I have tons of photos and unfortunately, I’ve been very delinquent in terms of printing.

So, see you at Sears?  Just keep your hands off my mixer! Hee hee. :P

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