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Common sense will tell you that black friday and cyber monday are over. It’s already Tuesday after all on this side of the US!  But as far as Charter Communications is concerned,  Black Friday and Cyber Monday doesn’t end until the 5th of December. Do I hear collective shrieks of joy from online shopaholics?!


When you order Charter’s Ultimate Bundle or any of the Charter Services online between now and December 5th, you get a free gift card with your order!

With the Charter Communications Ultimate Service Bundle, which is priced at $165.97, you get:

High Speed:
10 Mbps High Speed

Digital Home
Charter HD
Sports View
Digital View
Showtime/The Movie Channel

Unlimited Calling

You also get a $250 Gift card with your purchase and a sweepstakes entry for a chance to win an X-Box 360 game console!

If you feel the Ultimate Bundle is a bit too much for you, you may choose to avail of Charter’s other services and still get a gift card with your purchase: 1 Charter service = $25 giftcard; 2 Charter services = $75 gift card; and3 Charter Services = $150 gift card.

These may be the best holiday deals for bundled services you can avail of right now!

Click here to sign up for any of Charter’s services.

For complete X-Box Sweepstakes Rules go to

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