RT #1: Cherry on Top

This is the White Chocolate Milkshake I ordered at Steak ‘n Shake two weeks ago.  I would have ordered a side-by-side Vanilla and Coffee Mocha Milkshake like I did the first time we were there, but the red and green sprinkles, not to mention the cherry, on this white beauty got the better of me.  You can say I’ve been bitten by the Christmas bug. :)

Here, take a sip slurp! *wink*

This is my first entry for Ruby Tuesday, a photo meme where participants post a photo of something red or something with red.

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8 Responses to “RT #1: Cherry on Top”

  1. g says:

    This looks delish! the cherry attracts one to really look at it!

    gs last blog post..Ruby Tuesday – Chilli


  2. spiCes says:

    yay! welcome to RT! hehe…yummy initial post! but ish cold!!!!brrrr!!!!


  3. spiCes says:

    again, wrong link ata:)

    spiCess last blog post..Ruby Tuesday: apple christmas tree


  4. peachkins says:

    that looks like something that will to straight to my hips…lol!
    mahilig ako sa milkshake!


  5. Dianne says:

    that’s a mouth watering photo

    pretty clouds with sprinkles and a cherry

    welcome to Ruby Tuesday

    Diannes last blog post..Ruby Tuesday: A Holiday Scandal?


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  7. tigerfish says:

    Makes it very different with that cherry :P

    tigerfishs last blog post..Indian Green Beans – mild spicy !


  8. That looks good. The sprinkles remind me of the coming Christmas.


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