RT #2: Mousse Ensemble

I am glad we had lunch at Mimi’s Cafe two weeks ago.  The food was really good and the dessert was just heavenly!  Hubby and I shared the Mimi’s Mousse Ensemble.  I posted a photo here but I saved the better ones ( in my opinion, at least!) for Ruby Tuesday.

The lemon mousse topped with blueberries and  strawberry puree was the pretties of the three, but was my least favorite.  It was a bit too sour for me.

The chocolate mousse topped with fresh strawberries and strawberry puree was our second favorite.  Both Hubby and I loved the bittersweet taste of the mousse and the contrast that the toppings gave it.

The raspberry mousse was the most simple looking of the three, what with only a topping of whipped cream.  It was instantly our most favorite.  Uhmmm uhmmm! It wasn’t sweet nor was it sour.  It was just perfectly right.  Hubby and I had a fork fight of sorts over this one.

I’d love to try the other desserts Mimi’s Cafe has to offer.  I’m thinking this weekend would be good.  Hee hee! :)

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7 Responses to “RT #2: Mousse Ensemble”

  1. Pia K says:

    Oh, yum, this do look great! Fresh raspberries with whipped cream is my favourite so I bet I’d love that one too:)


  2. spiCes says:

    e now you are making me crave for mousse! yummy! and about the lemon, may i say…i thought so too:) i don’t want it too sour either when we talk of supposedly sweet and sinful food!:)

    spiCess last blog post..Ruby Tuesday: berry beer and winter berries


  3. spiCes says:

    ay naku! pinapahirapan ako ng comment box mo talga!:) fyi ulit:)

    spiCess last blog post..Ruby Tuesday: berry beer and winter berries


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Hi Ceski! Psst, ano problema ng comment box? Pumapasok naman ang comments mo eh. O dahil parang putol yung box tapos di mo nakikita yung kabuuan ng tinype mo? Haha! :P Malapit na akong
    maghanap ulit ng bagong theme. Baka kailangan ko na ng 3-column theme. ;) Mmwah!


  4. gmirage says:

    (How do I make the hungry icon from plurk? lol!) I won’t pick just one, I’ll have all! lol

    onga putol yung typing, pag enter lang saka ulit makikita yung tinatype lol…


  5. Raven says:

    Boy those look tasty. Nice photos.

    Ravens last blog post..Ruby Tuesday


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