David’s Cookies

I was looking for gourmet cookie recipies and somewhere along the way, I landed on David’s Cookies.   Have you heard of them?  I’m thinking if I were anything like Cookie Monster, I would have probably ended up chomping on my computer monitor!  Because I’m telling you, the cookies and the rest of the goodies you’ll see on the site are such a feast for the eyes.  They’re so gorgeous one can almost taste them!

I am so intrigued with the cookies that I seriously want to try them.  David’s Cookies isn’t limited to cookies, which is why I feel they should consider David’s Goodies for a name.  Well, it’s just a thought.  You see, their selection of goodies includes cheesecakes, brownies and crumbcakes, cookie cakes,  chocolate truffle cakes, tarts, ruggalach, scones, special diet items, etc.

If you  absolutely love cookies, then you should consider signing up for the Cookie of the Month Club. You have the option of receiving either a 1-lb or 2-lb tin of cookies every month for 3, 6 or 12 months!  Membership to the club makes for an ideal gift as well!  Check out the website to see the featured cookie flavor for each month.

David’s Cookies have fabulous gift baskets, too!  They are the perfect gift for any occasion, speaking of which, Valentine’s Day is coming up soon!  How about sending people you love a bouquet of cookies in lieu of or with a bouquet of flowers?  I still want my flowers, too, you know! :)

Now, how do I shake-off this sudden cookie craving?  Ugh!

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