How Well Do You Know Yourself?

For a while, I got a kick out of taking online personality tests.  It was all in the spirit of  fun.  When I started blogging, blogger friends would tag me every now and then, with sometimes outrageous personality type memes, from “What kind of wine are you?” to “What kind of herb are you?”  And because I’m such a good sport, I indulge them whenever I can.  Tags can be very good blog fillers, you know. ;)

There are people who enjoy taking personality tests. If you happen to be one of them, you can always take a free personality test on-line. A website called even provides a full report at the end of the test.

But how accurate are these on-line personality tests. claims that their advanced personality test  is upto 86% accurate, depending, of course, on how truthfuly the test taker answers the questions.

The downside to this kind of tests?  You may not always get the result that you want.  Either that or you’ll realize that you don’t like yourself after all. *shivers*

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