Jazzed Up Yellow Cake Mix

*This is entry #42 for Lasang Pinoy, Sundays (La.Pi.S.)*

The theme for this week’s Lasang Pinoy, Sundays is ” (It’s) Hip to be SQUARE “.  I originally planned on baking a square shaped “something” but I only had 4 eggs left.  I needed 6 to 8.  So I scrapped the idea.  This morning, I inspected the pantry and found that I still had plenty of the mini chocolate bars I used as Christmas tree trimmings.

Remember  my tree trimmings? They’re hip and square, if I may say so  myself. ;)

I also had a box of Duncan Hines Yellow Cake Mix (Yes, I still keep a box or two of store-bought cake mixes.  Hee hee!).  I knew we had orange juice in the fridge so I thought it was a good time to try two tips I found in one of my recipe books on how to jazz up a cake mix.

This is the result of my little experiement…

It’s not square, I know, but some of the ingredients I used were. ;)


Tip #1:  To jazz up a cake mix, stir in chopped candy/chocolate bars into the batter.

For this experiment, I divided the batter in two because I wanted to use two different kinds of chocoalte bars.

I mixed chopped Milky Way bars in one half of the batter…

…and Mint Dark Chocolate 3 Musketeers mini bars in the other half.

Is it just me or do they look a little bit like chopped rubber stamps?  Haha! Must be just me. :D


Tip 2:  Substitute all or  part of the water required in the recipe with fruit juice.

This being the first time, I substituted only half of the water requirement with orange juice.  I have to say, substituting water with fruit juice worked wonders.  I’ve tasted orange cake before so I wasn’t too scared to try this tip.  From now on, fruit juice will take the place of water whenever I use cake mixes. ;)


Through this experiment, I found out that chopped Milky Way bars don’t make for very good cake ingredients…

I think the caramel in the Milky Way bar made the chopped pieces a tad too heavy and made them sink to the bottom.  The funny thing is, the bottom of the cupcakes didn’t really taste burnt.  If anything, they were nougat-y. :D

The cupcakes with the 3 Musketeers pieces turned out nicely.

I don’t recall ever having mint-flavored cake before, and I think it’s kinda good, really.  You get to enjoy dessert and have fresh breath, too!  Haha!

So take a bite for a hip and square surprise! :D

Cheers and mabuhay!

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12 Responses to “Jazzed Up Yellow Cake Mix”

  1. peachkins says:

    it looks yummy..patikim?

    My other LaPiS entry: here

    peachkinss last blog post..Chicharong Bulaklak


  2. Pinky says:

    Your idea on enjoying your minty dessert and having fresh breath too is hilarious! :lol: Just looking at your jazzed-up creations is enough proof that you truly have mastered the kitchen – idol talaga! :)

    Pinkys last blog post..LaPiS: Hip to be SQUARE


  3. miriam says:

    love the close up fotos of the cupcakes! would like to try it sometime. sabi nga sa chef at home, pati daw risotto, puwede daw orange juice instead of water. kaya lang, hanggang sa isip lang ako. soon, soon, gagawin ko na talaga. lalo na naging maganda ang resulta sa cupcake mo


  4. Lynn says:

    Wow, your little experiment is so neat. There are really people who are ‘gifted’ in baking/cooking. I’d like to bake something as perfect as how your cupcakes look.

    Lynns last blog post..Square Pizza


  5. Gmirage says:

    Lol on the mint! I think even though the chocolates went down the bottom they still are yummy no? :D Lahat for me na baked e masarap lol.

    Gmirages last blog post..Square – Lasang Pinoy Sundays


  6. Thess says:

    Minty, really? ha ha, funny baker :P btw, I only have boxes of cake mixes in my pantry lololol! come and teach me to bake he he


  7. ces says:

    ay naku, i was really going to bake and use my square/pyramid muffin pans…naktamaran! haha! ayun naging tasa ng kape ang post nyahaha! heniwey…juice substitute! ma-try nga:) i am going to buy a box of yellow cake mix din ata for a recipe i saw kanina…the most successful out of the box i’ve made so far was a duncan hines brownie mix too, always jazzed up with chocolate chunks and roasted walnuts…:) pang play dates na mabilisan hihi!

    cess last blog post..Lasang Pinoy, Sundays: hip to be SQUARE


  8. ces says:

    btw, i wonder if the theory on shaking berries in flour applies to the chocolates..hmmm malamang ano? what i do kc i mix half of the chunks with the batter, then drizzle half on top…

    cess last blog post..Lasang Pinoy, Sundays: hip to be SQUARE


  9. Zriz says:

    Wow! Nice tips! hehehe I’ll try them some time when I use the box for baking…hehehe :)

    The cupcakes look really yummy…I’m not a fan of mint in sweets tho… ;)

    Serving mine HERE

    Zrizs last blog post..Pink Fridays: Flower and Bee


  10. JMom says:

    I keep boxed cake mixes in my pantry too for when the girls want a quick snack with their friends after school. I’ll have to try out the juice substitution. That sounds like a great idea!

    Yummy looking cupcakes!


  11. Wildcake says:

    I’m trying the fruit juice tonight. I’ve used coconut milk before and that turns out wonderfuly for coconut-pineapple cupcakes! Thanks for all the ideas!


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Hi Wildcake! I have yet to use coconut milk for cakes/cupcakes. I’ll be sure to give it a try some time son. I have used it for an Asian rice cake though. :) Thanks for the visit!