Cafe Munchkin’s Heir(ess) Apparent

She’s no other than my Little Munchkin, of course!

The above photo was taken last Saturday (morning).  Because we had nothing planned for the weekend, I thought it was about time I kept my promise to my daughter, one that I made almost a month ago.  And that is, to let her decorate cupcakes at home.

The cake mix that I jazzed up that morning yielded 24 cupcakes.  I reserved 11 for the Li’l Munchkin to decorate.  It would have been 12, had we not needed a cupcake for taste testing. :D  For the frosting, we used the canned Pillsbury frosting.  Not the most ideal for cake decorating, but given it will only be used for “play”, it was the most logical choice.

I only helped with the first two cupcakes…

The rest, my eager student did on her own.  She also got to use a spatula to spread frosting on the cupcakes.

For the finishing touch, she added candy sprinkles on them…

Isn’t it pretty?  Here’s another one…

I say these are the prettiest cupcakes…EVER! :)  They’re the yummiest, too.  Not even the threat of the possibility of needing to gulp down the best diet pills due to sugar overload could stop hubby and me from enjoying these treats.

Here’s the slideshow that I made to document that special day.

Today, cupcakes.  Tomorrow, cakes! :D  Lighten up.  That was just a figure of speech.  Hee. :P

Have a great week, y’all!

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5 Responses to “Cafe Munchkin’s Heir(ess) Apparent”

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  2. tin says:

    that’s a nice bonding activity with the li’l munchkin. and yep, the frosting looks great and i’m sure the cupcakes taste great, too! when amelie saw abby’s pics, she called her ‘ate’. hee hee.

    tins last blog post..Hillsong Colour Conference 2009


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Hi Tin! Abby and I have had several bonding activities in the kitchen already. She always hovers around when I cook and constantly bugs me if the food is cooked yet or if she can have a taste. Amelie is so adorable! Abby would love to be called “ate”. Haha!


  3. ces says:

    awwww, nakunsyensya naman ako dito haha! i tend to bake kc when the kids are in school lately, kasi i try to avoid messes haha! bad! bad mom!:( cutie! another wengski in the making talga!

    cess last blog post..Ruby Tuesday: Strawberries, 2 ways


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Hi Ces! I only have a small window of opportunity to bake while Abby’s not around. I prepare myself mentally for these bonding activities in the kitchen…you know, like I should expect a bit of mess, soiled clothes, sticky fingers, face and hair , etc. Pero sometimes, there’s not enough mental preparation. I still get a little stressed but I snap out of it right away. Haha! Abby is only 4 so your kids are more than ready to bake with if not FOR you. ;)


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