Feast with a Touch of Pink

*This is an entry for the theme “Whip Eat” of Lasang Pinoy, Sundays (La.Pi.S.)*

I am sooo excited to tell you about my weekend, specifically, Saturday.  Last July 25th, my friend, Camille, and I had a joint birthday celebration.  We decided beforehand that we’ll have a small celebration with our friends and respective families after our real birthdays so we can relax and be stress free on our birthdays.  One other thing we agreed on is a “pink party” as pink is the color associated with breast cancer and both our families have been touched, to put it mildly, by breast cancer.

First, let me tell you about our birthday cakes, which I myself baked and decorated, and which became a source of frustration and eventually… redemption and satisfaction.  I chose Mocha Chiffon and Chocolate Chiffon for our cakes, both  iced with Creme Chantilly and which I originally planned to decorate with royal icing flowers.  I found out the hard way that royal icing and creme chantilly do not, read: DO NOT, mix.

I spent a good part of Thursday making royal icing flowers, the product of whipping powdered sugar, meringue powder and warm water for 10 minutes and more or less 3 hours of piping.  I couldn’t be disturbed, specially not by telemarketers offering auto insurance quotes and whathaveyous.

I baked the cakes on Friday afternoon and spent late Friday night upto the wee hours of Saturday morning decorating the cakes.  Decorating wasn’t all that hard as I simply attached the pink flowers to the cake.  Although, I did make two batches of creme chantilly for the cake fillings and frosting. I intended to focus on cooking my share of main dishes the rest of Saturday.  But the cake gods, unfortunately, decided to stir things up a little. *sigh*

When I checked on the cakes come Saturday morning, I noticed pink watery streaks on both cakes and a pool of pinkish water on the cake boards.  The flowers were melting!  I first tried to salvage the situation by wiping the pools of water and hoped  the cakes and flowers would hold up and make it in time for the party, which wasn’t ’til 7pm!  After lunch time, the cakes looked horrible as the flowers continued to melt and with a fresh pool of sugary water on the cake boards.

I was left without a choice.  I stripped both cakes of frosting and made two fresh batches of creme chantilly!  The first batch I had to throw away because I ended up over beating the whipped cream causing it to fall apart.  Murphy’s Law is a darned thing, I tell you.  And with the warm indoor temperature, in spite of air-conditioning, piping decent whipped icing flowers will be next to impossible.  I was whispering to myself to think, think, think!  I rummaged through the fridge and the pantry and found some fresh strawberries and candy sprinkles.  I also sent hubby to Wal-Mart at the very last  minute to get me  two bags of pink marshmallows!  With no actual cake designs in mind, I set to work using my new batch of cake decorations and ended up with this…

and this…

For the Mocha Chiffon, I used the large marshmallows to decorate the top of cake.  The small pink marshmallow, I used on the base.  I also added some red sprinkles on the cake, which were already starting to leave some streaks on the cake.  Remember: SUGAR AND WHIPPED FROSTING DON’T WORK VERY WELL.

I used the fresh strawberries and pink sprinkles for the Chocolate Chiffon cake…

I have to say, I was more pleased with the new cakes than the first ones. Hee hee.  Had I not been cooking main dishes at the same time I was having cake woes, I would have (and should have!) taken photos of the original cakes.  It turned out to be a very happy ending in the end.  The chocolate chiffon, I fear, needs a bit of improvement though. :D

Moving on.  In line with our pink theme, I made Pink Alfredo Sauce to go with my thin spaghetti…

It’s the exact same recipe you’ll find here, with the addition of a few drops of food coloring. ;)  I also made Pink Tapioca Pearls with Coconut Cream

Other dishes I brought to the party were Beef Salpicao, Parmesan Crusted Wings, Halayang Ube (more on this in an upcoming post), Leche Flan and Lumpiang Hubad, a dish prepared by a “guest chef”. :D

My co-celebrant, Camille, prepared very yummy dishes: Lechon Kawali, Lumpiang Shanghai, Chopsuey paired with Fried Noodles and Baked Veggies, which I’d like to call Ratatouille ala Camille. :D  To counteract the sugar overload I provided, Camille prepared a platter of pineapples and strawberries.

Another friend of ours, Veronica, brought the most gorgeous cupcakes, which also had a touch of pink…

I told you it was gorgeous!  She also brought some of her uber popular Cream Puffs.

I hope you’re not hungry because here’s a complete slideshow (well, save for the cream puffs!) of all the food  from our pink birthday feast…enjoy!

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11 Responses to “Feast with a Touch of Pink”

  1. tin says:

    panalo ang handa mo, weng! i won’t be surprised if soon you’ll be launching your very own catering business! :)


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Hi Tin! Thank you! Sana mag-dilang anghel kayong lahat who say that I should get into the food business soon. I hope it’s in God’s plans for me. :D


  2. wow you surely managed to make the most beautiful cakes. Awesome ! very nicely decorated!
    .-= snooky doodle´s last blog ..Carrot cupcakes =-.


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Hi Snooky Doodle! Thank you very much! :)


  3. Gracie says:

    pwede na talaga mag-business! :)


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Hi Gracie! Some day soon sana! :) Thanks!


  4. JO says:

    wow! yummy!!!!
    .-= JO´s last blog ..Litratong Pinoy: Proteksyon [Protection] =-.


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Thanks, Jo!


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  6. ces says:

    oi! another mocha chiffon cake entry! pretty! miss this…i will make one soon!!!:) belated happy bday again..to us!:)


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Hi Ces! I’m getting ready to make another birthday cake. Abby will be celebrating her 5th birthday in a couple of days. :)