Happy 5th Birthday, Li’l Munchkin!

My little girl turned 5 yesterday, August 17th.  Yesterday’s celebration was intimate yet fun, limited to our very small family.  But she did have a birthday party last Saturday – an ice skating party –  where our extended family (that would be our friends whom we consider family!) and visiting relatives celebrated and partied with us.

We feasted on simple party fare.



Baked spaghetti, chips and cheese balls, cream puffs (by my friend Veronica) and fresh grapes and strawberries…

Now, let me tell you about the cake. :D  My daughter had her own ideas for her birthday cake.  She wanted pink and purple colors, stars, cake sparkles and fondant, believe it or not.  I had no problems agreeing to the pink and purple, the stars and the cake sparkles.  I, however, convinced her that a whipped frosting (my favorite creme chantilly!) would be a wiser choice.  My arguments were: (1) fondant doesn’t taste very good;  (2) there’s an outrageous amount of sugar in fondant and buttercream; (3) I know my friends well enough to know that a number of them don’t really like fondant anyway – for themselves and their kids –  so much so that they peel off the fondant from the cake or keep a watchful eye on the amount of fondant their kids eat; and (4) fondant is expensive, which isn’t a problem really if not for point number (3). :)  Maybe I should add a 5th argument, that is, I have a bit of a hard time working with fondant.  Hahaha!  Having said that, I was able to convince my daughter that whipped frosting was the way to go and with fingers crossed, I promised I’ll make her a pretty 2-tiered cake.

I didn’t start baking the cakes ’til 8pm of Friday night.  I was done with all the baking by 11pm.    I didn’t start decorating until 2am, which was after I was done making the personalized goody bags.  Fortunately for me, the cake gods were on my side this time.  I made two batches of whipped frosting, one pink and one purple, none of which fell apart.  The frosting was of perfect consistency. Here are photos of the unfinished cake while sitting in the fridge at after 6am.  I asked hubby to take these photos with his mobile phone because I knew I wouldn’t have the time for a photo shoot when I get up after 3 hours. :D

Pink, check. Purple, check. Sparkly stars, check.  Although, I reapplied the sparkles at the party venue.   I used strawberry and taro flavored wafer sticks to decorate the side of the cakes.  Had I had enough wafer sticks, they would be of the same sizes.  Hee hee. :)

The top tier is chocolate chiffon and is 8-inches in diameter.  The bottom tier is mocha chiffon and is 10-inches in diameter.  That bump you see on the top of the cake is there to cover the dowel that ran the entire height of the cake and supported both tiers.  There are 6 more dowels on the bottom cake which supports the top cake. :)  The cakes are light and fluffy and won’t have one thinking about the best diet pills. Hee hee.

I added a few finishing touches to the cake when we arrived at the party venue.  And here’s how the finished cake looked like…

I used the Wilton brand of food writer (marker with edible ink) to spell out Abby’s name on the marshmallow stars.

I originally planned on making fondant/gumpaste stars but due to time constraints, I opted for the most logical, not to mention yummier, short cut. :D

I could have piped some more stars around the bottom tier of the cake and maybe added star marshmallows.  But I thought that might be overkill already.  It’s easy to get carried away when decorating cakes that it’s hard to say when to stop.

Do you like my cake slicer?  Ooooh, I love it!  It’s a birthday gift from one of my gal pals.

Abby fell in love with her cake from the very first time she saw it resting in the fridge.  And because it was for her, it was her approval that really mattered the most.  Whew! :D  I am so glad she loved her cake. :)

Happy 5th Birthday, sweetie!  Thank you for letting me make your birthday cake! *mmmwah*

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10 Responses to “Happy 5th Birthday, Li’l Munchkin!”

  1. JMom says:

    OMG, did you just say ‘simple party fare’? haha! by Pinoy standards maybe, but that is quite a spread! That’s one lucky birthday girl :) and gotta love that cake!

    .-= JMom´s last blog ..McLinky Bloghop Tuesday: Favorite Recipe =-.


  2. JO says:

    Happy birthday Abby!

    Wow! I love the cake! Labor of love talaga!
    .-= JO´s last blog ..Feeling VIP? =-.


  3. Gracie says:

    my goodness! ang ganda ng cake ni Abby! and nice choice for colors ha…she really has good taste :) you keep getting better & better, Weng. i sometimes wish i’m a SAHM, too, so i can try baking rin & create masterpieces for my family. it must be a wonderful feeling for you whenever appreciated ni hubby & your princess ang mga gawa mo.
    .-= Gracie´s last blog ..techie stuff =-.


  4. claire says:

    Everything’s perfect!!! The cake, the food, the venue, the whole celebration. I’m so positive abby had the best 5th birthday party. She got her wish and she’s surrounded with people she loves so dearly and loves her even more.

    Abby, happy happy birhday! Wow! you’re 5 now and you’ve become prettier and smarter. I feel a little sad not being able to celebrate with you there. You know why cause since the day you were born I’ve been consistently present in all the major occasions and celebrations concerning you until the time came that you had to leave us. I remember how you looked from the time you were at the nursery to the time you were roomed-in with mommy. I remember how you cry like you were crying for life while being given a bath by your mommy (remember that sis). I remember how I would put you to sleep and watch while you sleep while mommy takes a quick shower. I remember how you look at me like you were asking me to stand by your side while having issues with mommy (hehehe) and how you would choose me over mom-knows-who to give you a bath and how you would argue with ate sophie cause I’m your ninang and you should be the one i’m carrying in my arms or should be the first one to give me that kiss when we arrive from the office. And ohhh those times that you would get upset everytime you bring us home from our usual SUnday get-aways and that I or mommy will bribe you with a lollipop just so you’d stop crying. And how you so mischievously get nuts from the jar and put 2 or 3 to my mouth and slipping a nut to yours knowing you’re allergic to them (bata ka pa talaga marunong ka ng lumusot). And so many memories pa…

    I always tell your mom to constantly remind you of your ninong edward and ninang claire and kuya jad and ate kylah and ate macy and ate sophie. I’m so worried that by the time we’re all together again you wouldn’t recall us and there would be this gap ad things wouldn’t be the same as before. I pray it wouldn’t be like that. SO please always know that we all love you so much and we miss you terribly. Can’t wait to celebrate events ALL TOGETHER AGAIN!!!!



  5. Twinkie says:

    Dapat masaya eh! Pero naiyak ako promise. Sundan ko ba naman ang comment ng sister-in-law mo Ate Weng!

    Super sweet and thoughtful mo talaga, kung anong hiling ni Abby, siyang ibinigay talaga kahit 3 hours na tulog na lang ang natitira for you.

    Ang laki at napakaganda ng cake ni Abby. Super special at deluxe edition na ito ng Cafe Munchkin. And simple ka mo? Pizza and hotdog pa lang solve na solve na ei! :D

    Happy birthday Abby! God bless you and may you continue to be an inspiration to little girls like my daughter. Pink and purple fanatic din pala si Mia. Hehe!
    .-= Twinkie´s last blog ..Potter and Potter =-.


  6. Awww… this is where the adults win over kids. You just said no to fondant on behalf of the mommies who watch their weight ha-ha! Kidding. Very interesting – ice skating birthday party. Kids these days are so lucky to have tremendous options in celebrating their birthdays. I remember, as a kid, the need to entertain bully kids from school in my own birthday party. Bad memories, yes, but good food… real tough on the tummy chocolate cake. Those were the days.
    .-= Fine Life Folk´s last blog ..Dine Out: Filipino Food Mannang-Style For Lunch =-.


  7. ing says:

    belated happy birthday to your abby. my eldest son had his birthday last august 11, he turned 5 too.
    i like your cake, simple pro ang ganda-ganda.
    i made a cake for my son too using ready cake mix lang muna kasi i’m still recoveringparang hindi ko pa kaya. kaya lng para ring palpak ang icing. i made 2 cakes, 1 nung birthday nya kami lng sa bahay the yung isa sa park kasama ng mga friends nya weekend. hindi ko pa nga pinopost kasi nahihiya ako. hehehe…
    this coming 28 will be our wedding anniversary and i wanted to make a cake, mini cake lng pro parang may fear ako na palpak ulit yung icing. pag sinabing cream for icing like for ganache, ano ba yun? pwede nba ordinary all pupose cream, thick cream and whip cream? eh ano nman yung buttermilk? nalilito ako. hehehe… nkakatawa noh? hahaha… pasensya kana sa mga tanong ko. desperate lng talaga ako mkadecorate ng cake, parang palpak parati. salamat ng marami kung masasagot mo.
    just love your blog. ingat… =)
    .-= ing´s last blog ..Scrapping again… =-.


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Hi Ing! I am soooo sorry it took me so long to reply. :( I have been very busy the last couple of days. Sorry talaga.

    When a recipe calls for cream, I always use heavy whipping cream. I love heavy whipping cream! This is what I use for my Creme Chantilly and the frosting for my ice cream cakes. Buttermilk is the liquid that’s left after churning butter out of cream. It’s a bit acidic, which gives it a sour taste.

    I’ve wasted a lot of whipping cream already due to overbeating. Overbeating causes whipped cream to fall apart. Imbis na smooth, nagkakaroon ng parang mga solids. You just have to be very careful when beating whipping cream. The problem kasi sometimes is we don’t know when to stop beating. I guess it really just takes a lot of practice. It also helps if you put your mixing bowl and beaters in the freezer for a few minutes (5-10) before whipping the cream.

    Don’t get discouraged. I’ve had so many failed attempts in cake decorating. I do feel frustrated (a lot of times!) but I still keep at it because it’s something I’d like to be good at and I simply love doing it. :)

    Good luck, Ing! Keep at it, ok?! :)


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