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As a FoodBuzz featured publisher, it is no longer uncommon for me to receive samples (for testing) as part of the foodie community’s Tastemaker program.  A few weeks ago, I received a package, which excited my hubby more than me…Black Box Wine.  I was expecting this delivery but I had no clue whatsoever that Black Box Wine is really wine that came in a box and not a bottle!  All the while, I thought I’d receive a bottle of wine that is packaged in a box.  Total wine ignoramus, I tell you!  Hee hee!

I’m not what you might call a wine connoisseur.  Sure, I’d take a sip of alcohol on special occasions, but I would always prefer those that are sweet…and bubbly. ;)  So this was not a taste testing I wanted to do on my own.  It just so happened that two weeks ago, Rina, a California-based cousin came to visit and we all know how California is famous for wine.  I thought it was the perfect time to finally test the product with the help of Hubby and Rina.

I found it amusing that the wine had to be poured in this manner…

Just like getting water from a water jug!  Hee hee! :)  The wine is contained in a bag…in a box.  This is supposed to keep the wine fresh upto at least four hours after opening, unlike bottled wines which spoil in a matter of days after uncorking.  And because there are no expensive wine bottles to speak of, Black Box Wine is able to offer the equivalent of 4 750ml bottles of wine for the price of 2.

The wine I received was a Sauvignon Blanc 2008.  From the point of view of an occasional wine drinker (me!), I found the wine to be light.  I thought it smelled, well, nice.  Hubby and Rina, the wine experts I’ve enlisted for this taste test, found the wine to be fruity.  Hubby even admitted to liking it.

We were in Costco yesterday and Black Box Wines were being sold at only a little over $17 (suggested retail price is $25).  That’s less than $5 per bottle!  It’s a purchase that won’t leave you feeling guilty, specially because you’ll get more than what you paid for.

On your next get-together with friends and family, surprise them by serving wine out of a box.  It’s kinda cool, really! :)  These days when everyone is being told to think outside the box, Black Box Wines tells you to “think inside the box”. ;)

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