Tuna Sashimi

Guess what we had for appetizers last night here in the comfort of our own dining room…tuna sashimi!

It doesn’t get any simpler than this.  No cooking, no high-tech kitchen gadgets nor copper sinks necessary.  This is a Costco-bought Ahi a.k.a Yellowfin Tuna steak which I decided to slice and serve as sashimi instead. ;) I see some heads shaking!  I know it’s a terribly risky thing to do but as I did my rounds on the web, it seems that I’m not the only one who has done such a terrible terrible thing.  Hee hee!  Most people sear their tunas and I just might try that next time.  As per the label on the tuna, it was packed the same day I bought it.  We consumed it the same day, too!  I admit that I’m not sure if it were previously frozen or if it were sashimi grade.  But after my first mouthful of tuna, I felt like I hit the jackpot…and so did Hubby.  And no tummy aches whatsover!  The tuna tasted, felt and looked fresh…and safe. :D

Yesterday was indeed a eureka moment for me.  Actually, this is my second seafood eureka moment at Costco.  I’ve always managed to purposely ignore Costco’s tuna and their weekend seafood stall until about two or three weeks ago when I finally caved in, made a beeline for the seafood stall and got myself 2-lbs of mussels and a pound of prawns.  Growing up in a country – the Philippines, lest somebody make the mistake again that I was born in Hawaii! – where fresh seafood is always readily available, you can’t blame me for being a bit of a seafood skeptic. Left without much choice here in our adoptive state (Texas), we’ve learned to just make do with frozen or previously frozen seafood.  Now I’m almost sure I’ll be at Costco every weekend to snag some seafood.

This love affair of mine with sashimi, sushi and Japanese food started when I was 9.  And it’s an affair that’s not bound to end any time soon.  You can just imagine how it was awfully hard for me to skip the sushi bar when I was pregnant with my daughter!  Hahaha! :D

I.Love.Costco!…if only for the good quality seafood I’ve been able to buy the last couple of weeks.  ;)

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