Whoppers Toppers

Store-bought or homemade?….

Truth be told, I haven’t bought a cake since January 3rd 2009.  So this cake is definitely homemade. :)  I made this cake for a friend’s birthday which was celebrated on Halloween and I’m quite pleased with how the cake turned out.  The frosting, by the way, is whipped cream, that is, Creme Chantilly.  I love that my creme chantilly can sit out of the fridge for several hours and not fall apart.  Sorry, trade secret. :D

I planned to cover the entire perimeter of the cake with vanilla-filled Oreo sticks.  But as was the case with my daughter’s 5th birthday cake,  I didn’t have enough to cover a 10-inch round, 4-inch high cake. Tsk, tsk.  I didn’t want to use marshmallows to fill in the gaps because I’ve already done that before. So, I went to my bucket of chocolates meant for trick or treaters and dug for possible cake decorations.  You guessed it, my eyes  zeroed in on the Whoppers malted milk balls and voila!

I put some Whoppers on top of the cake as well.  They do make for good accents!  I knew the kids were going to love these little brown balls and I was right.  They were gone as soon as the birthday candle was blown.  Hee hee.

I loved this Whoppers idea so much that I used them again to top cupcakes that I made for my bestie’s son’s birthday on November 2nd (in addition to a birthday cake, of course!)…

These are Devil’s Food Cupcakes frosted with my go-to perfectly chocolate chocolate frosting.  Funny how all this brown color scheme I’ve got going here reminds me of a pair of Dansko. Hee hee.

It was just too bad the French Vanilla cupcakes didn’t come out of the oven as gorgeous looking as the chocolate ones…

They looked more like my sponge cakes.  Hee hee.  These were actually sunken in the middle.  But you wouldn’t have guessed that had I kept my mouth shut,  right? ;)  So don’t fret when your cupcakes come out of the oven looking less than perfect.  If there’s anything I’ve learned in the almost one year I’ve been decorating cakes as a hobby, it’s that all mistakes can be covered. :D

I hope you had a most wonderful Halloween weekend.  And I hope your week is coming along wonderfully, too! :)


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  1. Luigi says:

    Tita it did look store-bought, but thinking of your amazing skill in baking and decorating, I knew it was definitely home-made. Another, favorite post for me!


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Hi Luigi! Does it look store-bought? I must say it does! Haha! I’ve been practicing my baking and cake decorating skills for a year now. ;) I need more years of practice! :D


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