Festival Cupcakes

I dubbed the following cupcakes as such because I donated these cupcakes – 24 in all – to the Little Munchkin’s school as prizes for a game called “Cupcake Walk” at the school’s recently concluded annual festival.

These are Devil’s Food Cupcakes.  I have to admit, I used a cake mix to make these, BUT, I did a teeny weeny bit of alteration.  I substituted the vegetable oil with butter, and the water, with milk. ;)  Such substitutions does wonders, I tell you!  I may use cake mixes every now and then but I still make my own frosting. ;)

I didn’t know at first what the Cake Walk is, so I asked a friend.  I learned that it’s a game much like “Trip to Jerusalem” and the kids get cupcakes or cookies as prizes.  The kids get to pick which cupcakes or cookies to take home.

Armed with that bit of information, I made sure my cupcakes will look appealing to the kids.  It would have hurt my pride big time if the kids gave my cupcakes the cold shoulder!  Hahaha!

To hook the girls, I used striking colors to frost the cupcakes and topped them with marshmallows and a Whopper malt balls.  I arranged the mini mallows and malt balls such that they look like flowers.

I didn’t forget the boys, of course!  To lure them, I used blue-colored buttercream frosting, then topped the cupcakes with store-bough Transformers decorations. ;)  I also added some candy sprinkles.

I was very pleased with how the cupcakes came out.  Never mind if they weren’t from scratch. :D

I love piping decorations.  It’s something that, believe it or not, relaxes me after some serious baking.  Sometimes I wish I’ve taken up Culinary or Pastry Arts.  If only these were courses that can be taken via an online university.  For now, short courses are all I can manage…and can afford.  Hee hee.  But who knows?!


Speaking of on-line universities, I’ve been tasked to do a  review of an online university…the Western Governors Online University.  Allow me to veer away from the topic of food, something which I now very rarely do and try to avoid with all my might.  It’s close to impossible to do a fair review of a product when one hasn’t had the chance to actually try it yet, so I’ll just share my thoughts.

To advance and get ahead in this world, corporate or otherwise, it is a definite plus to have something “extra” to offer beyond one’s bachelor’s degree, like an MBA.  These days, more and more people realize the value of acquiring that master’s degree.  But very few have the luxury, not to mention the energy, to shuttle between work and (a physical) university, so an online mba has become the more convenient and logical option.

Western Governors Online University is one such university that offers the convenience of  online MBA programs.   Not only is it online, it also boasts of being affordable, accelerated and accredited.  Why is accreditation important?  Because it is an indication of an institution’s quality and reputation.

WGU’s online MBA programs include: M.B.A. Information Technoloy Management, M.B.A. Healthcare Management and Masters of Business Adminisitration.

I’m all for continuing one’s education.  I would if I could. ;)  But be sure you’re getting your education from a reputable institution.  Because as far as education is concerned, one shouldn’t compromise quality with affordability.

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.*

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3 Responses to “Festival Cupcakes”

  1. Keith says:

    Weng, those cupcakes, even if not from scratch, look very delicious. I love the Transformers touch. Nice!

    You should actually consider enrolling yourself in culinary arts class. You obviously have the skill and talent!


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Thanks, Keith! I do tweak the cake mixes a bit by substituting and/or adding ingredients. I would really love to take up Culinary/Pastry Arts. But the fees aren’t cheap. Kay Abby na lang yun. :) I’ll just take short courses every now and then and take comfort in the fact that there are excellent cooks out there who did not take formal lessons in a culinary school. ;)


  2. Luigi says:

    Its the end of the year and in the top spot for the “Movie of the Year” goes to Transformers! As papa did say, the Autobot and Decepticon touch to your cupcakes are very nice.


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